Go from overwhelmed to overjoyed with your Disney planning!

Get exclusive access to the step-by-step process that I use for my private clients to create a magical experience at Disney for you and your family!

Are you tired of bouncing all over the internet, wasting your time to find the information you need to plan your trip to Disney?? Then look no further as this easy step by step class will make your Disney planning complete while eliminating information overload. Ensure you have a wonderful Disney experience by learning how to eliminate time wasters in the park, practical advice on packing what to bring to the parks, keeping your families safe and hidden secrets that will make your experience fun and easy. You have access to this course for life, along with a 30 minute consultation with me where I will provide personalized advice and planning help. Additionally, receive a special bonus of $100 toward custom park services. Let's take the stress out and put the fun back in while planning your trip to Disney. Let's make it as easy as "A Walk in the Park"!
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Go from overwhelmed to overjoyed with your Disney planning!

Why do you need this self-paced online course?

To learn how to stay organized and have fun while maximizing your time in the parks!

  • Disney is a BIG place with so much to do and see

    There is SO much information out there about Disney but you don't need to know it all, only what is important to you! This course narrows it down for you to plan your Disney experience that is perfect for your family.

  • This course gives you an easy checklist to plan your trip to Disney.

    This step-by-step process is what I have used for my private clients over 15+ years of planning magical vacations and memories for my clients. This puts ALL the information in one place for you!

  • You don't want to be the cranky family at the happiest place on earth! Keep your family smiling your entire trip!

    Don't you want to be as happy as my clients are? Of course you do! Use this course and follow the step-by-step program to make sure that you have your itinerary set, which is the backbone to your successful trip.

Do you want to be the happy faces at Disney?

Create your own personalized plan with this step by step program ! Learn how to save time planning, waiting in lines, and time getting to the parks.

You may be experiencing information overload, fear of missing out, or are hearing horror stories of other Disney trips that have you feeling overwhelmed. Go from feeling stressed to excited with these 5 easy steps and expert guidance to ensure you have a magical trip to Disney! In this class, you will receive all the information you need to avoid overwhelm, while learning how to have a clear plan, knowing when to book reservations, avoid getting sick, and keeping kids from getting overstimulated. As your BONUS, you get to speak with me for 30 minutes to ask me all your questions!
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Do you want to be the happy faces at Disney?

Here are your 5 easy steps to your perfect Disney experience

Complete each step one-by-one and go back to fill in as needed. Make sure to add to your itinerary as you go through each step. your itinerary is your backbone to a great and organized trip!

  • Step 1-Picking your date, accommodations and transportation

  • Step 2-Choosing how many days in each of the parks

  • Step 3-Dining:Table Service vs. Quick (Counter) Service

  • Step 4-Planning Rides and Attractions

  • Step 5-What to do on your "down day"-non-park day

Deb V.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Deb V.

“Have you gone to Disney and been totally overwhelmed? Or spent too much time waiting for a special ride/attraction/character? How about knowing where to eat? Talk with Colleen. We used her when we had our trip last year. And every penny was worth it! She took care of my dining and FastPass reservations. She was there when I had to change a dining reservation at the last minute. She helped when most rides were closed due to lightening. Seriously. Call Colleen.”
Michelle W.

Knowledge of Disney

Michelle W.

“While I’ve never used Colleen’s services…I can tell you that she knows her stuff. She’s got it down and what we call a “Disney Fanatic”. Who is we? Cast Members….and I’m a former one of a decade. Cast Members would often joke that some of the fanatics knew Disney better than we did. Colleen is an example of that. If you are feeling overwhelmed, and want to make the most of your experience, call Colleen. She can definitely help to take the stress away, after all, you’re going on vacation…why stress? WDW is 48 square miles to put it into perspective, twice the size of the island of Manhattan. I don’t know about you, but when I go to the city I use a Map and guide to get around. Colleen is all of that in one with Walt Disney World.”
Jill F.

Available to me when I needed her

Jill F.

“Wow. That pretty much sums it up. Helping me pick dining reservations based on interests and plans, to knowing what rides, shows, and attractions that needed fast passes and which didn’t, Colleen has been amazing through this whole trip. Even while onsite when we thought about making changes, she was able to provide suggestions. If you need help with just dining and fast passes, need your days planned (not scheduled), or just need some advice, give Colleen a call.”
Kim D

Family fun!

Kim D

A huge thank you to Colleen! We just got back from our family vacation to Disney and had a blast. It was truly a once in a lifetime vacation for us and it went seamless thanks to all the time and planning that Colleen put into it. With all the character dining and fastpass reservations we were able to see and do everything we wanted with little to no wait and made so many great memories. Colleen is truly a Disney expert and I would recommend her to anyone who wants help planning that special Disney vacation!

Bonus material for you!

Lifetime access to this class and 3 additional bonuses for you to create your magical trip to Disney without all the stress!

  • 30 minute phone call with me

    This is a great time to ask me any questions you may have. It can be about dining choices, ride choices and use of the fastpasses, setting up your own itineraries, all your Disney questions. At the end of our call you will receive a voucher for $100 for custom planning services.

  • Your own My Disney Experience App Cheat Sheet

    This downloadable cheat sheet gives you information about what is available on the App. It is packed with information and you want to know how to use it BEFORE you go in the parks so you can maximize your time in the parks. it is all your information needed while in the parks all in one place. You can even add your own notes!

  • Example of what an itinerary will look like

    Remember it is a plan it is not a schedule. This sample itinerary lets you know what yours should look like. This lets you know what your day will be like. The itinerary allows for flexibility that you may need. Use it to maximize the fun and minimize the stress.


  • What is the best time of the year to go?

    The best answer is what is best for you and your travel group. Many people need to work around school or work schedules. It is definitely busier during school breaks and holidays.

  • How much do Fastpasses cost?

    Their is no fee for Fastpasses, it is part of your ticket price. You can select 3 Fastpasses per day for the park you are going to be in.

  • When can I start to make my dining reservations?

    Dining reservations start at 180 days from booking date. It is VERY important to make them early for best locations and times.

  • What does the course look like?

    The class includes videos, reading, important links, PDF files for you to download and a check off list with each section.

  • How long does it take to complete the class?

    The class itself is less than an hour to go through. The additional time will be to create your own itinerary and check out important links. Remember, you can always go back to the course at any time.

  • Why did I create this course?

    I want everyone to have a great time at Disney! My private client services can cost a family of 4 can be over $500, but you can use this course for less than $100 with lifetime access. I want everyone to have what fits their budget best.

  • Can I simply use your services for all of this?

    Of course! I am happy to talk to you about my services and put part of the course fee towards my private services. Please call me at 518-265-1421 or email me at colleen@awalkintheparkwithcolleen.net

About Colleen Parisi

Why I created this class and do what I do

  • Colleen Parisi

    Colleen Parisi

    At A Walk in the Park with Colleen, I help you create your magical in park experience at Disney tailored to meet each person’s interests and desires. My motto is “Everyone should have fun in the Parks”. Where else do dreams come true and magical moments happen.